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zia Lizzò ~ la leonessa sul comò
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Code by smilecarnival @ barubaran.
Fanart by lordzuuko.

is from Palermo and this is way more important than anything else that could be said about her.
She loves. A lot of different things and with the same passion.
She reads a lot and (unfortunately) she writes even more. And she watches rubbish on tv cos she finds it funny.
When she's online, she lives and breathes for the fandom. When she's not online, she lives and breathes for herself only. And you will never hear her say "I've got a life, you know", cos she hates this sentence and would happily stab to death whoever invented it. Hello? We all have a life. Get over it.

is the most important part of her weblife. She doesn't write for comments - actually, she often prefers not to have them - but she's happy when people read what she wrote and happen to like it.
She writes mostly on real people, especially football players and musicians, but she sometimes writes about tv shows, movies, books and anime&manga.
It depends on her inspiration, which is a whore. But doesn't work under control of anybody but itself, so don't ask her to write on something she's not interested in at the moment, cos she. doesn't. like. it.

is mostly based on respecting the rules of the sites/communities she's in, and have fun.
She doesn't lock. Anything. Nor LJ nor Twitter nor her fanfictions, unless the rules on the communities she posts in says so. Ok, she locks her Twitter account, sometimes, but never for more than a week or so and only when she's tired of people adding her indiscriminately.
She tries to answer all the comments but she not always manages to. She reviews what she reads, but if she doesn't don't ask her to -- there's a reason if she didn't.
She talks only about what she likes or dislikes and only when she feels like to. Don't like what you read? Don't friend her. Also because she floods. A lot. Especially on Twitter. Don't follow her if you don't know if you can handle this.

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